Jolyn Ortega

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

About Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy blends the ancient and time-tested practices and principles of Yoga with insights from modern medicine and science to help you attain optimal health and well-being no matter what your life circumstances.

Yoga Therapy complements Western medicine and other modalities such as acupuncture, massage and physiotherapy. Working with breath, awareness, simple movement, education and meditation the whole person is treated.

Yoga practices such as conscious mindful breathing, gentle movement and relaxation have been shown to interrupt the cycle of chronic pain. This leads to better sleep, less anxiety and better digestion. Clients find themselves connecting to themselves through mind, body and spirit in a way that feels gentle and healing.

Principles of Yoga Therapy

These are a few simple but powerful principles utilized in Yoga Therapy:

  • Presence, awareness, and conscious intention: The connection between mind and body is incredibly powerful. Becoming aware and feeling what's going on in your body helps you to positively influence your condition.
  • Breath: The ability to use your breath for healing is a cornerstone of Yoga philosophy. Proper breathing blends the physical, psychological, and spiritual. It is a huge step towards ease, balance, and well being.
  • Right Diet: an exploration of diet through Ayurvedic inquiry will help get the body's natural healing ability on track. Diet is a critical element to recovery and health maintenance.
  • Conscious Relaxation: Stress is a major cause of illness. Relaxing deeply can have a positive affect on every cell in your body. It can increase your immunity and give you much needed rest and rejuvenation.

Modalities of Yoga Therapy:

A Yoga Therapy session is multi leveled utilizing the five dimensions of the koshas from the Yoga tradition.

  • Yoga for Physical Balance: Physical balance focuses on the importance of sustaining joint stability, good posture, increased mobility and balance.
  • Yoga for Energetic Balance: Bringing your “energetic bank account” back into balance.
  • Yoga for Mental Balance: A combination of asana, breath work, hand mudras and mantras create new neurological pathways which sharpen memory and keep you active.
  • Yoga for Emotional Balance: Replenish what makes your heart sing. Through a powerful combination of breath work, gentle movement, restorative poses and Yoga Nidra( Yoga Sleep) anxiety decreases and a state of calm connectedness follows.
  • Yoga for Spiritual Balance: Nourish your spiritual heart and stay connected to what sustains you.

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